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Neptune Scuba Diving Agent Network with …

Lead Generation Strategies, Ideas, Best Practices & Examples

With our Agent partnership you will learn how to generate more leads on your agent network with hundreds of proven strategies and examples from our world’s top agents.

And above all, you will get access to all of this

Conversion analytics and insights
You will know how you are doing as an agent at every step through our advanced analytics system
50+ products to sell
You will have a proper portfolio to advertise starting from scuba diving, snorkeling all the way to world liveaboards
360+ hours of support
Dedicated support, 12 hours a day with one of our Agent Specialists standing ready to assist with each and every inquiry
Dedicated language support
Depending on the languages you speak, we will redirect specific inquiries to you for even more conversions
Drip marketing
You don’t have to worry about marketing. We will do that for you through our random yet occasional world wide drip marketing
Conversion analytics and insights
And at the end you will know exactly what marketing opportunities appear, where to sell and whom to sell to

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to become an agent?
An agent is a business, your actual diving business
Affiliating with Neptune Scuba Diving as an agent is more than just the simple concept of a reseller. You basically begin your own business with limitless possibilities; learn from our success stories.

You will gain access to our agent onboarding protocols learning the company history, culture, services and most importantly, the standards that made us famous.

As an agent you will have the freedom to sell anywhere within your target market under direct supervision of your dedicated Agent Specialist. 
Who can become an agent?
Everyone can become an agent
One of our best performing agents is actually a former guest of Neptune Scuba Diving in Bali.

He visited us one time, second and third and he saw the potential. In just under one year he raised to the top to become one of the top three highest performing agents of the entire network. His name is Unicorn.
How does your pricing work?
We are built on a concept of simplicity, so is our pricing
Nothing is supposed to be difficult, everything is supposed to be simple. That’s our business view.

During and after the agent onboarding protocol, you will discover that our pricing is always all-inclusive as we are continously working on limiting the amount of extras necessary for the guest experience.
How much is the agent commission?
There are two agent commission plans depending on performance
To encourage new agents and to honor the most dedicated among the agent network, we have created two agent commission plans with one absolute milestone, the upgrade to the mighty 15% commission.

However, worth mentioning is that difference destinations bring different agent commissions such as:

Bali – base commission 10% – highest comission 15%
Raja Ampat – base comission 15% – highest comission 25%
World Liveaboards – base commission 15% – highest commission 20%
How do I get paid?
You pay yourself and then you pay us, as simple as that
Guests prefer to keep all details centralized and we don’t want to disturb that.

We tell you how to handle the payments, you keep the commission and share the rest with each and every booking to your dedicated Agent Specialist.
Do you offer discounts?
Yes we do but in very specific circumstances and never without a reason
As a company providing services, we offer specific discounts in specific circumstances for specific reasons.

As agents, you offer the same concept of discount with the difference that every discount you provide will be cut down from your agent commission.

There are exceptions to the discount cut down, in moments when we organize joint marketing campagins as for example, Black Friday or Alibaba’s Single’s day.
How can I receive the maximum commission?
There are two ways to receive maximum commission
In concept there are exceptions for new agent applications who are well known as well performing agents with a specific number of potential conversions.

If you are an established agent who can proove the potential, you can skip the basic commission plan jumping to the highest of them all.
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