Explaining Neptune Scuba Diving in just two simple cards for investment in Indonesia.

We were built based on feeling, analyzing guests and agents on every step to provide a seamless experience for scuba diving, snorkeling and PADI Courses around the world.
3 mil. USD revenue driving company
We drive revenue and profits forward, MoM and Y.oY through our structured world franchise network
Continous expansion
The problem with becoming number one, you can’t go down and you can’t stop. This is why we keep looking forward

At a glance about us

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agent network around the world
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May 2020
Grand Opening – Neptune Scuba Diving – Komodo
Neptune’s second phase of the expansion with the dive center operations in Indonesia’s second famous dive destination, Labua Bajo – Komodo.
May 2020
Grand Opening – Neptune Liveaboard – Indonesia
Neptune Liveaboard – Indonesia is the company’s third stage expansion into building and operating its own liveaboard in the country’s most famous dive destinations.
October 2020
Grand Opening – Neptune Scuba Diving – Raja Ampat
Stage four of the planned expansion, running Raja Ampat’s first standalone dive center operations off a remote island located in the center of the main scuba diving attraction.
Iulian Olaru
Co-Founder and CEO
Born and raised in Romania, Julian as he likes people to call him, has never fit in Eastern Europe. He travelled the West and then ultimately left Europe altogether to find appreciation to his skills in a much more open minded Asia. He discovered scuba diving in Bali while accidentaly having his future wife, Wenzhuo Dong, as one of his instructors. Long story short brings us to the current day and the succesfull Neptune Scuba Diving that we know.
Wenzhuo Dong
Co-Founder and CEO
She likes people to call her Joe. Much like her husband, Julian, she as well jumped through different experience until she eventually discovered scuba diving and her life’s passion. Speaking Mandarin, English and French, Joe brought unbeatable advantage to an international Neptune Scuba Diving concept. Together with her life partner and co-founder, the business received not only a couple but several market opportunities.
Vino Alberto
Chief Operations Officer
Vino was born in East Kalimantan, Borneo, Indonesia. When thinking of a background profile, he fits perfecty the diversity concept of the founders as he has also started and moved around several markets and experiences. He met Julian several years back even before thinking of scuba diving and together step by step have developed Neptune Scuba Diving into what it is today.

Neptune Scuba Diving projects around the world

We have started out of Bali, Indonesia. Now we are global with dive center operations in Komodo, Indonesia, Raja Ampat, Indonesia and Diving trips in Costa Rica, Egypt, Galapagos, Indonesia, Mexico, Maldives, Malaysia and more.                                           
We kicked off in October 2016 and there was no stopping after that. Reached number one dive center according to OTAs and social media within nine months and started Neptune Fleet soon after that. In other words, this is what we call blitz growth!                                                           
Fast strategic growth
High unbeatable standards
High conversion rate

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Neptune Scuba Diving a trademark?
Yes, Neptune Scuba Diving is a trademark wordwide
Since the beginning we had a very clear road and on this road registering as a trademark was a must.

As such, both in Indonesia as well as worldwide, Neptune Scuba Diving is acting in its own registered name.
Is Neptune Scuba Diving foreigned owned?
Yes, Neptune Scuba Diving is 100% foreign owned
This question arises from the reason behind our chosen HQ in Bali, Indonesia.

At the very base, we are 100% foreign owned and proudly led by Mrs Wenzhuo Dong and Mr Iulian Olaru.
Whom do I speak to for Investor Relations?
Investors speak to one or two persons
There are one or two persons who take care of investors directly, Mrs Wenzhuo Dong and Mr Iulian Olaru, each with they’re clearly stated responsabilities in terms of Investor Relations (IR).

In other words, Mrs Wenzhuo Dong is in primarly in charge of IR in China while Mr Iulian Olaru for worldwide.
How do I investment in Neptune Scuba Diving?
Investment in our company has been properly structured to fit interests
Every investor has his own interests and we have thought about this from the beginning.

Either you see the potential in Bali and in Komodo, or perhaps you think of Neptue World Liveaboards, you can invest in all or in just one specific division.
Can I investment only in specific projects?
Yes you can and you can even create new ones
Investment in Neptune Scuba Diving is structured according to different projects yet connected in operations and profit sharing.

You can choose one specific project or you can tell us of a brand new idea because we are always willing to listen and join a new adventure.