Frequently Asked Questions about Bali Diving and Snorkeling

All you need to know about Bali diving, snorkeling in Bali or learning diving in Bali and even more to learn about your experience with us.
What is the water temperature ?
Water temperature in Bali depends on the two main seasons, wet and dry but also on the dive location:

During the wet season, October – May, water temperatures are at their highest at approximately 25 – 30 Celsius ( 77F – 86F ).

During the dry season, May – October, water temperatures are at their lowest at approximately 18 – 28 Celsius ( 64F – 82F ).

For example, Tulamben and Amed are famous for warm waters all year round.
Where is the dive center located ?
Even before starting building our dive center we had the location idea in our minds as we looked at how diving necessity flows in Bali. We are located on Jl. Suka Merta in Sanur, Bali. This means we are located in the center south of the island allowing us to reach all dive sites in record time as well as to handle hotel transfers with precision and comfort.
What time do we have to meet at dive center ?
The diving as well as the snorkelling is a morning activity. We always set up the schedule depending on your location as well as most of our guests request hotel transfers. As an estimation you will be picked up from the hotel at approximately 07:00AM – we have to meet at the dive center at approximately 07:40AM.
What time will be back from diving ?
Depending on the location and on the number of dives you have chosen, your program can finish anytime between 14:00 and 17:00 which means that for Padang Bai and Nusa Penida you will be back between 14:00 and 15:00 but if you are going to Tulamben, due to the long trip you will most probably arrive back at the dive center at approximately 16:30 – 17:00
What dive sites do you go to ?
Our location is ideal, our resources are unlimited, our experience is significant and this allows us to cover all major dive sites in Bali such as: Padang Bai, Tulamben, Nusa Penida. You can read the answers of the Frequently Asked Questions -> Dive sites tab for details about every dive sites. Click on the dive sites names to navigate to their dedicated pages.
Do you have the necessary equipment ?
Yes we do! Our entire equipment is brand new and we service it regularly to ensure proper safety considerations for each and every dives as well as for ourselves. For your diving we will be providing a full set of equipment so you don’t have to worry about carrying your own. Immediately after confirming the booking you will be asked for your sizes: height, weight, shoe size and based on this information we will prepare your personal equipment.
Can you provide NITROX ?
Yes we can but of course we only provide NITROX to Enriched Air certified divers who will be able to prove their certification with the PADI or respective license / card. Of course, NITROX has a small extra cost which can be seen on each of our dive sites pages.
Do you organise hotel transfers ?
Indeed we do organise hotel transfers which we confirm during the initial discussions about the booking. For diving orientated travellers we always recommend accommodations in Sanur as we provide free hotel transfers in this city but no worries for Kuta, Seminyak, Uluwatu or Jimbaran. Of course, there is a small extra charge for the hotel transfer outside Sanur which is discussed during the booking process.
Do you provide free hotel transfer ?
Yes we do but it is orientated specifically in the Sanur area. Most of our guests are diving orientated travellers and they always asked for accommodation recommendations choosing Sanur due to it’s variety of boutique resorts.
How can I pay for the booking ?
As payment methods we offer a complete range of solutions considering the international nature of the activity. Working in direct collaboration with Indonesian, European and American payment processors we are able to propose secure bank transfers and on-line credit card payments. Based on the on-line credit card payments you are able to Book & Pay directly on our website clicking on the Book & Pay button which you can find on each dive site / dive course page. In order to confirm a booking we requested a minimum of 30% advance payment which we are convinced it is perfectly understandable.
Can I pay cash for the booking ?
We accepted cash payments as well at the dive center but we are not able to confirm reservations without a prior advance payment. For the balance of the booking paying in cash is possible.
How can I confirm a booking ?
Confirming a booking is as easy a couple of steps. We have created 2 different possibilities for bookings which come over the internet: the Book & Pay button or via e-mail on If the booking is confirmed over the e-mail you will be received a secure payment link which will allow you to cover the financial side of the booking.
Can I get discount if I have my own equipment ?
Yes we are offering small discounts for divers who can bring their own equipment such as bcds, wetsuits, fins, boots, masks. However, we cannot offer discounts for the small items such as only masks, or only boots.
What should I know about Padang Bai ?
Padang Bai is a small port village located in the South-East corner of Bali which is approximately 45 minutes away by car from our dive center. Padang Bai is famous for it’s numerous dive sites around the coast where a variety of small types of fishes and soft coral can be observed. Besides the small types fishes, the White Tip Shark can be seen as well at the Shark Point dive site where of course many of the divers want to go. The same dive sites are well known for the night dives which is when the marine life truly awakens but mostly what we can say about Padang Bai is that it’s excellent for entry-level divers, Discover Scuba Diving and Open Water Courses
What should I know about Tulamben ?
Tulamben is among the most famous places in Bali due to the USS Liberty shipwreck. For diving, Tulamben is a shore dive and every day the start is done with the shipwreck dive continuing with the other dive sites such as Coral Garden and Kubu. All thought Tulamben is located approximately one and a half hour away by car from our dive center, the trip is well worth it for the diving as well as for the trip itself which is majestic going up the mountain and then going down the mountain to reach the dive sites.
What should I know about Nusa Penida / Manta Point ?
Nusa Penida and respectively Manta Point is probably the most famous diving area of entire Bali and that is for two reasons: the Manta Rays and the Mola Molas ( Sun Fishes ). Nusa Penida is located approximately 45 minutes away boat trip from Sanur port, an adventurous ride before reaching the dive sites. Normally, Manta Point is the first location to dive at, Crystal Bay is second for the Mola Mola and if you are doing a 3rd dive, Toya Pakeh or SD is the last which are drift dives.
Is there strong current at Crystal Bay ?
Crystal Bay as a dive site is notorious for it’s current indeed but the beauty about current is that it’s never continuous, it always stops and it’s never the same. Our team has significant experience to read currents from the surface so before going in the water we always have an idea of what to expect. Further more, if you are a certified diver and didn’t dive for quite some time, there is nothing to worry about as current is always manageable in some way and we will be teaching you of the best practices.
Can I see Mola mola ?
This question we receive quite a lot and our answer is always the same. First of all, your certification for Advance Open Water is necessary to be able to handle a deep dive which is often necessary to be able to see Mola Mola. The Sun Fish comes from 600 meters deep to approximately 30-40 meters where it usually takes it’s spa so that’s where you will be going. Second of all, your comfort underwater will be the best to consider for such a dive as pressure is totally different down deep. Either way, a bit of experience is necessary.
I’m an advanced diver. Where should I go diving ?
Scuba diving in Bali is one of the most famous in the world and one the reason why it’s because of the variety in dive sites. As an advanced diver meaning that you hold all the advance certifications, you can go diving in one or all of these following dive sites which we strongly recommend:Nusa Penida – famous for it’s surprise currents, Mola Mola and Manta Ray cleaning stations as well as drift dives, you can say it’s like a big aquarium for advance divers.Gili Mimpang & Gili Tepekong – these 2 dive sites are located outside of Bali through Padang Bai port. Here you will be doing deep dives only possible for advance divers with approximately 50 logged dives being able to see Mola Mola, Bamboo Sharks as well as White Tip Reef Sharks.Gili Biaha – a dive site which is often overlooked situated a 5 minutes away from Gili Mimpang & Gili Tepekong. Biaha is just a big rock and the diving is taking place on both sides of this rock where it’s possible to see Mola Mola, Bamboo Sharks as well as White Tip Reef Sharks.
Where do you do the 4 Open Water dives ?
For the PADI Open Water Course we have chosen to do 2 dives in Padang Bai and 2 dives in Tulamben. This choice was based on two reason: safety as well as diving experience as the conditions in these dive sites are perfect for beginners and courses while you can also enjoy the open ocean and highlights of Balinese scuba diving.
How many students are there in a group ?
For courses as well as for fun dives we apply the same style, maximum 3 divers / students for one PADI Instructor / Dive Master. This design allows us to guarantee and maintain safety as well as proper customer service and diving experience.
Do you provide e-learning material ?
Yes we do provide the e-learning material which is sent by PADI immediately after we confirm the course. In addition to the PADI e-learning material we will be sending you a series of videos that will help you understand better the PADI e-learning documentation.
Do you provide hotel transfer ?
Yes we do organise hotel transfers as well and based on the location of where you have chosen the accommodation, small extra charges might apply. We provide free hotel transfers in Sanur area.
Can I finish the PADI Open Water course in 2 days ?
The standard PADI Open Water Course takes normally 3 days and it is designed in this way for a very specific reason, to be able to guarantee proper learning of the necessary skills and knowledge. We never recommend speeding up the Open Water Course for any reason and we do not accept such courses.
Can I do the PADI Open Water and Advance Open Water together ?
Yes you can do the PADI Open Water Course and Advance Open Water course together, in a row although it is recommended that you should have a few extra dives in between these two courses. However, the plus is that you will be mastering further diving skills that will make you a better diver on the long run. Together, these courses take a total of 5 days to complete and you will be doing a total of 9 dives.
Can I do the EFR and Rescue Diver course together ?
Absolutely yes you can and it is highly recommended that you do these two courses together for a full understanding and expansion of your rescue knowledge. Doing these two courses together will not only teach you what to do in scuba diving emergencies but it will provide you the necessary knowledge to help and assist emergency cases on land as well.
Is your equipment properly maintained ?
Our equipment is brand new and indeed properly maintained according to all safety standards and recommended by the equipment manufacturer. As we use it on a daily basis we are able to check the equipment at any moment for any issues and this includes even the fins, masks, snorkel. Everything passes controls before it goes into your hands.
What type of equipment are you using ?
For our day to day operations we have chosen the following equipment brands: AQUALUNG BCD’s, APEX regulators, MARES wetsuits and fins, SCUBAPRO boots using standards masks as well as prescription masks for those in need.
How old is your equipment ?
As a brand new dive center, at this moment in time our entire equipment is exactly 1 year old with regular services being done to ensure safety as well as comfort. Neptune is a PADI 5 stars dive center and we like to live up to this status in all areas. We guarantee properly maintained equipment.
Do you have your own air compressor ?
Yes we do and it’s an amazing compressor if we can say that. For our air we are using the german manufacturer BAUR PE 320 for which we have scheduled maintenance and air checks every 2 weeks.

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