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PADI Mermaid Course in Bali

About the course

The PADI Mermaid course in Bali includes knowledge development and at least two water skill sessions that develop more dynamic mermaid skills beyond Basic Mermaid, including many skills that make mermaiding an underwater self-expressive art, separate from other types of diving.

(Note: the PADI Mermaid course includes the Basic Mermaid, so you can start with PADI Mermaid – there is no need to take Basic Mermaid separately.)

To enroll in a PADI Mermaid course, you must be at least ten years old. You need to be able to swim at least 50m/160ft without swim aids, able to float comfortably at the surface for at least 5 mins and in good physical health.

As an entry-level mermaid diving course, no prior experience with diving of any kind is required.



The PADI Mermaid course in Bali has two phases:


  • Knowledge development through independent study with the PADI Mermaid eLearning (or our instructor may conduct classroom sessions if not available in your language).
  • Two confined water sessions to learn and prepare for mermaiding, rescue/problem management skills and the conduct of mermaid dives. You also learn mermaid skills, such as dolphin (butterfly) kicks, C-shape and U-shape side turns, and some skills distinct to mermaid diving, including backward somersault turn, underwater handshaking mermaid bubbles, and back glides.
Discover Mermaid in Bali

More PADI Mermaid Courses In Bali

Discover Mermaid Bali

Discover Mermaid

The Discover Mermaid in Bali is an introductory program to simple mermaid activities during a shallow pool training session. It is a fun, flexible, and brief program to experience the first mermaid feelings.

Discover Mermaid in Bali

Basic Mermaid

The PADI Basic Mermaid course gets you started with the next level of the mermaid course in a pool training session during which you will learn the basics of mermaiding such as swimming and breathholding.

Advanced Mermaid Course Bali

Advanced Mermaid

The Advanced Mermaid course in Bali expands your knowledge learned during the PADI Mermaid Course. In addition to the two pool training sessions, you will undergo two open water mermaid dives in a dedicated location.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum age for the PADI Mermaid program?

The minimum age for the PADI Discover Mermaid experience and the PADI Basic Mermaid course is six years old. 

What equipment do mermaid students use?

Mermaiding only requires a few items: a mask, snorkel, fins, weight belt (sometimes), and of course, a mermaid tail (monofin) intended for swimming. 

All of the necessary equipment will be provided by us.

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