It’s exciting when you start diving for the first time. You do your PADI course in Bali and you now find yourself in a completely new world never know before.

But there is a lot more to discover in this new world. Although the best stuff to see underwater is within 18 meters, the bigger is often found deeper. Imagine if you want to see the elusive Mola Mola in Bali, that is definitely more likely to happen if you go diving below 20 meters.

If you are PADI Open Water Diver certified, you know you are limited by diving to maximum 18 meters. To go deeper than that you have two options:

  1. Either taking the PADI Deep Diver Specialty course
  2. Enrolling in the PADI Advanced Course in Bali

Each of the two options you have brings you to the end game of diving deeper but as a recommendation, you should consider taking the Advanced PADI Course simply because of the knowledge you gain during the two days of PADI course in Bali instead of the much more limited Deep Diver Specialty.

PADI Advanced Course in Bali

The PADI Advanced Course in Bali is a two days course during which you will conduct 5 dives as 5 different adventure dives or otherwise called specialty dives.

As part of the PADI course, during these 5 dives you will conduct two mandatory specialties:

  1. Underwater Navigation
  2. Deep Dive

Depending on where you will be doing your course you will have multiple other options you can choose from to complete the next three specialty dives. Most popular choices are always:

  1. Peak Performance Buoyancy
  2. Fish Identification
  3. Night Diver
  4. Wreck Diver
  5. Enriched Air NITROX
  6. Boat Diver
  7. Underwater Naturalist

At the end of the course you will definitely gain a lot of knowledge and not only you will be able to dive deeper but you will become a better diver altogether.